Servo Gear Adapter - 4 Pack

Servo Gear Adapter - 4 Pack

  • $ 106.00

The REV Robotics Servo Gear Adapter is a 15 tooth gear that attaches to any 25T output servo including the REV Smart Robot Servo.

Warning: Gears from other building systems may have a very similar tooth profile but are not an exact match. It may be possible to use the two gears systems together successfully in some situations, but it is not recommended.


  • Module: 0.75
  • Pressure Angle: 20å¡
  • Material: Acetal (Delrin/POM)
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Servo Spline: 25T


Kit Contents:

  • Servo Gear Adapter - Quantity 4
  • M3x8mm Phillips Hardware - Quantity 2

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