FTC Cable Conversion Kit

  • $ 750.00

  • Individual items from this kit are available from REV or kits are available through the FTC Storefront with Expansion Hub Base Kit Purchase.  


     This kit is the same as the cable kit that ships with the Expansion Hub from the FTC store front. This kit contains enough parts to connect 4 motors and any combination of 3 encoders or legacy I2C sensors. 


    • QTY 3 - Level Shifter Boards (REV-31-1389)
    • QTY 3 - JST PH 4-pin Cable, 30cm long (REV-31-1407)
    • QTY 1 - Sensor Adapter Cable for Level Shifter Board (REV-31-1384)
    • QTY 4 - JST VH to Anderson Power Pole Type Connector, 50cm long

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