• $ 1,184.00

The REV Robotics RIOduino is an Arduino Uno R3 compatible microcontroller board designed to plug into the roboRIO MXP (myRIO Expansion Port). Because the RIOduino is a complete microcontroller board, the vast ecosystem of Arduino shields and example code are immediately compatible without having to port any code to the roboRIO. Communicating with the RIOduino is made easy by using the UART or I2C interfaces connected through the MXP to the roboRIO.


  • Arduino Uno R3 compatible microcontroller board
    • Compatible with virtually all Arduino Uno R3 footprint shields
  • 3 auto-selecting power options
    • VIN terminal ‰ÛÒ 12.0 V (from PDP, VRM, etc.)
    • MXP connector ‰ÛÒ 5.0 V
    • USB connector ‰ÛÒ 5.0 V
  • Serial connections between RIOduino and roboRIO
    • UART (TTL levels)
    • I2C
  • All MXP signals are passed through to 0.1‰Û_ header positions
    • 4 serial signals are connected to the RIOduino
    • Remaining signals are pass-through only
    • Allows for stacking of MXP boards with provided connector
  • Connections for WS281x LED strips
    • Power must be externally provided
  • Mounting holes

Kit Contents

  • USB A to mini B cable
  • Female MXP connector
  • 2 4-40 x 3/16‰Û_ roboRIO mounting screws



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