Toughbox® Mini (am-0654)

Toughbox® Mini (am-0654)

  • $ 2,258.99

Product Usage:
All AndyMark gearboxes require grease for proper operation and long life. We suggest using our red tacky grease, am-2768. We also encourage that the user powers the gearbox continuously for 30 minutes without grease to allow the gear teeth to wear in. While we do design with short run times in mind, this 'run in' period for smooth gearbox operation, is recommended. Once this is completed, thoroughly grease the gear teeth periodically to ensure smooth operation.

Product Overview:
This is the Toughbox Mini. It is similar to the Toughbox, but it is slightly smaller in profile and is 1/2 pound lighter. The Toughbox Mini uses the same interior parts as our standard Toughbox, and is shipped un-assembled.

Toughbox Mini accepts two (or one) 2.5 inch CIM Motors (not included). Hardware is included with the gearbox for attaching two of these motors.

Specifications: Optional Gear Ratios:

These ratios can be ordered here: ToughBox Mini Options
Ratio CIM Gear Lg. Cluster Gear Sm. Cluster Gear Lg. Output Gear
10.71:1 14 tooth 50 tooth 16 tooth 48 tooth
8.45:1 14 tooth 50 tooth 19 tooth 45 tooth
5.95:1 14 tooth 50 tooth 24 tooth 40 tooth

Weight Reduction with Optional Parts:
Aluminum Large Cluster Gear can replace the standard steel 50 Tooth Large Cluster Gear.
Aluminum Large Output Gear can replace the standard steel 50 Tooth Large Output Gear.

Additional Encoder:
An optional am-3132 Encoder can be purchased and added to this Toughbox.

Optional Output Shafts:
T-Box Long Output Shaft (steel), which is 3.5 inches longer than the standard output shaft
Toughbox Hex Output Shaft* (steel)
Toughbox Hex Long Output Shaft* (steel)
Toughbox Hex Output Shaft* (7175 aluminum)
Toughbox Hex Long Output Shaft* (7175 aluminum)

Aluminum Hex Output Shafts:
* The Toughbox can use a hex output shaft, but a FR8ZZ-HexHD bearing (am-2986) MUST be ordered SEPARATELY to replace the FR8ZZ bearing supporting the output shaft.


Made in the USA:
Bearings and screws were not made in the USA. All other components were designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.