TileRunner Chassis Mecanum (am-3437_mec)

TileRunner Chassis Mecanum (am-3437_mec)

  • $ 17,314.00

Product Overview:
This is a 6-wheel drive base designed especially for the FIRST Tech Challenge community. We took many lessons from building championship-winning drive systems and adapted it for a robust drive system that integrates well with FTC teams' existing stockpiles.

The foundation of this drive base is a set of 0.090 inch thick aluminum components that provide a sturdy structure to build on. All of the holes in the sheet metal are on a global 16mm pattern, which integrates nicely with many structure components already on the market for FIRST Tech Challenge teams. The included plastic bellypan increases the rigidity of the frame and provides ample mounting options for your electronics. The TileRunner features high traction 4" Stealth Wheels, NeveRest 40 motors and PicoBox Gearboxes with multiple gearing options. Strong 9mm HTD belts drive the outer wheels, while the center wheel on each side is direct-driven for a compact, failure-tolerant drive system. The new AndyMark Nub is used throughout the TileRunner, providing a robust D-bore interface that greatly improves torque transmission compared to standard set-screw hubs.

Note: This product ships as an unassembled kit of parts.

Gear Ratios
The kit comes with 3 different gear ratio options, so that you can experiment and understand how changing the gear ratio affects the driving performance of the TileRunner.
  • 45 Tooth and 35 Tooth gear combination yields a 1:0.78 over drive
  • Two 40 Tooth gears yeild a 1:1 ratio
  • 35 Tooth and 45 Tooth gear combination yields a 1:1.28 reduction
TileRunner Variations to Suit Your Needs
The TileRunner has a huge variety of possible configurations. The Stealth wheels can be swapped with higher traction (softer) variants, the PicoBoxes can be mounted at either end instead of the standard location in the middle. The Peanut and Churro cross members can also be moved into a number of alternate locations to best suit your robot's needs. Upgrade kits are available to set up the chassis for running the 4 inch SD mecanum wheels, or a set of omni wheels to give the robot many potential driving modes.

To help robot builders achieve their goals and avoid unnecessary part, TileRunner is available in several variations. These add and subtract parts from the standard TileRunner kit as follows:

  • TileRunner Mecanum (am-3437_mec): Get set to strafe with four PicoBox Unos replacing the two PicoBox Duos of the standard TileRunner. You'll receive four 4" standard-duty mecanum wheels (am-2538) instead of Stealth Wheels, as well as all the spacers, shafts, and gears to get you up and running.
See the Upgrades page if you already have a TileRunner.

Shipping Box Size estimate: 12" x 19" x 3.25"
Weight (TileRunner, with wheels and gearmotors): ~ 12.5 lbs

Included Parts:

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