Talon SRX Universal Breakout Board (am-3281)

Talon SRX Universal Breakout Board (am-3281)

  • $ 504.00

Product Usage Note:
This breakout board is safe to use with the
Talon SRX. It does not connect to previous versions of the Talon.

Product Overview:
To use existing products teams have 3D-printed custom mounting brackets and had to purchase specialty ribbon cables - all to have only the most basic breakout functions of 1 or 2 features at a time. This board eliminates or simplifies all these issues and provides enhanced functionality while enabling all available Talon features.

  • Includes the functionality of several breakout-boards in one
  • Direct Mounting to Talon SRX with existing hardware
  • No Ribbon Cable Needed
  • Header pins allow connectors to be used for sensors (or direct soldered if desired)
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • 3.3V & 5V Sensors
  • Built-In Pull-Up/Downs (For Limit Switches and Various Encoders)
  • Several LEDs for quick sensor/software debugging

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