Super Shifter (am-0114)

Super Shifter (am-0114)

  • $ 6,899.00

Product Overview:
The Super Shifter includes hardware for both pneumatic shifting and servo shifting (the pneumatic cylinder is not included). Pneumatic shifting hardware is installed as standard, while servo shifting hardware is packed in a hardware baggie. This shift-on-the-fly gearbox, uses a dog gear shifting method. Motor input includes two CIM motors, or two AM Planetary Gearboxes or a combination of either (not included). The output shaft is a 1/2" 4140 steel shaft with a 1/8" keyway. Two sets of reduction gears are available, while the ratio between high and low gear is 2.56:1.

Three differences compared to the AM Shifter design:
  • An extra reduction stage has been added. Two gear sets are available to be used on this stage. A 2.25:1 reduction set (45 and 20 tooth gears) is standard, while an optional 2.82:1 ratio, using (48 and 17 tooth gears) are available for purchase. This added stage allows for direct drive applications of 6" and 8" wheels.
  • The output shaft is extended from the side of the gearbox, as opposed to being captured within the side plates as on the AM Shifter transmissions.
  • A 2" long extruded aluminum box tube is used as a protective spacer, enclosing the gearbox. This is a safety improvement over the AM Shifter gearboxes.
Shift Style:
Two shifting methods are available for the Super Shifter. The pneumatic method is much stronger and faster than the servo method.
  • Pneumatic:
    • A pneumatic cylinder, Bimba model 04-0.5-DP, 3/4" bore x 1/2" stroke, (not included) shifts between high and low gear. This cylinder mounts with a 5/8-18 nut (not included). This is a strong, fast method of shifting, lasting under 0.5 seconds and pushing with 26 pounds of force (if using 60 psi). This pneumatic shift can be done while a robot is accelerating.
  • Servo:
    • A Hi-Tech Servo, model HS-322HD is included, using an actuation fork to shift between the 2 gear settings. This is a slow, weaker method of shifting (compared to pneumatic), taking 1.5-2 seconds and pushing with up to 8 pounds of force. A robot driver may need to back off of the throttle to let a servo shift gears while moving.
Weight: 4.0 lbs., without motors or pneumatic cylinder installed

Included Hardware:
Attached Hardware: Loose Hardware: Motor Input:
Standard Gearing Information:
  • Ratio between High and Low gears: 2.56:1
  • FINAL STAGE, w/45:20 gear set
  • Low Gear: 24.0:1
  • High Gear: 9.4:1
Optional "Final Stage" Gearing:
(available as optional parts) Optional "Output" Gearing:
(available as optional parts) Optional Super Shifter Output Shafts:
Weight Reduction:
  • An aluminum Hex SS Wheel Shaft can replace the standard steel Wheel Shaft
  • Four 2" long spacers can replace the black box extrusion, but this exposes interior gearing.
Common Parts:
The Super Shifter uses many of the same fabricated parts as the AM Shifters (am-0001 or am-0957) transmissions: CIM gears (12 tooth), Large Cluster Gear, Medium Cluster Gear, Small Output Gear, Large Output Gear, Dog Gear, Cylinder plate, Shifter Shaft, and Shift Block

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