NavX MXP Robotics Navigation Sensor

NavX MXP Robotics Navigation Sensor

  • $ 3,320.86

Product Overview:
navX MXP 3.0 combines a 9-axis sensor (3-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers) with sophisticated data fusion, motion processing and sensor calibration algorithms.

Key specifications include:
  • High-accuracy pose (yaw/pitch/roll), with minimal yaw drift of ~1 degree per minute
  • Tilt-corrected absolute compass heading with magnetic disturbance detection
  • 9-axis heading fusing pose and magnetically-valid compass heading data
  • Omnimount technology allows installation in various orientations, including horizontal, vertical and even upside-down.
In addition, the new navX MXP 3.0 firmware and library features as an upgrade for our existing customers that enable integration of navX-MXP with vision processing, as well as increasing the update rate to a blazing-fast 200Hz.

Even in electro-magnetically challenging environments, the 9-axis heading’s combination of “pose” and magnetically-valid compass heading data (e.g., before motors are energized, or when the robot is at rest) enable tracking of a robot’s absolute heading.

Because navX MXP is compliant with the National Instruments Custom Electronics Port (MXP) specification you can expand your roboRIO with additional Digital I/O, Analog I/O and Communications Interfaces.

navX MXP is designed for plug-n-play installation into an FRC
roboRIO robotics control system: it connects to the roboRIO MXP connector for both power and data. Additionally, libraries and example source code for easy integration into the FRC roboRIOcontroller are also provided. And for the more adventurous, navX MXP’s open-source firmware and hardware allow further customization.

  • Field-oriented Drive
  • Auto-balance
  • Auto-rotate to angle
  • Motion/No-motion Detection
  • Collision Detection
  • 10 Digital I/Os
  • 4 Analog Inputs
  • 2 Analog Outputs
  • I2C, SPI, and TTL UART Interfaces
  • Weight: less than 0.15 lbs
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