Lead Acid Battery Charger, 3 Bank, 6 Amp, Dual Pro RS3 with SB-50A Connectors (am-2026)

Lead Acid Battery Charger, 3 Bank, 6 Amp, Dual Pro RS3 with SB-50A Connectors (am-2026)

  • $ 5,400.00

Dual Pro Recreation Series (RS3) 6Ah x 3 bank Battery Charger

This charger is a great tool for competition robotics teams and hobbyists using Lead Acid batteries. Dual Pro chargers charge batteries to 100% specific gravity every charge, and are able to adjust current in the absorption and finish stages based on the battery's communication with the charger

There are three (3) unique charging banks included in this charger, meaning that you can charge three batteries at a time. Each bank has a capacity of 6 amps. This charger supplies a safe amperage level to quickly charge 12V lead acid batteries. The charger is engineered for occasions which need a charging system that may require the battery to be left on the charger for days at a time.

We have installed SB-50A connectors on each of the three charging circuits, which make this charger ready for robot batteries.

  • Dependable, rugged construction and waterproof
  • Independent outputs and fully automatic
  • Battery maintenance mode
  • DC charge cables = 5ft and AC power cord = 3ft
  • Each DC charge cable is fitted with an APP SB-50A connector (3 total)
  • Approved and meets ISO 8846 Marine standards
  • Models available to charge 12-36V systems
  • LED lights indicate Each Batteries state of charge
  • Reverse polarity protected and no installation restrictions
  • Ignition protected (US Coast Guard 33 CFR 183.410)
  • FCC 15 Parts A and B Interference Compliant
  • Two year warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Battery Type: Lead Acid
  • DC Charge Cable Length - 5 feet.
  • AC Power Cord Length - 3 feet.
  • AC Input - 110-240 V
  • Total Output - 18 Amps
  • Amps Per Bank - 6
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Length: 10.25 inches
  • Height: 6.5 inches
  • Depth: 3 inches
  • Fuses used: each bank has 2 fuses, 30 amps each (BUSSMAN AGX-30A [MSC Industrial Supply])

Troubleshooting & Warranty:

  • This charger has a 2 year warranty. If your charger does not work, please do these things:
    • Check the fuse within the yellow connector housing to see if it is broken. Replace this 30amp fuse if it is broken.
    • Check the connectivity of the wiring between the fuse holder and the Anderson connector. If this wiring is bad, then return your charger to AndyMark if you purchased it within the past year.
    • If you have any other problem with your less-than-2-year-old charger, email rharmon@pcsdv.com.

Dual Pro Uses Deltavolt Intuitive Charging Technology

These chargers are on the cutting edge of technology. Dual Pro chargers can detect as low as 6 volts on a 36 volt system and 8 volts on a 48 volt system. Low voltage detection eliminates jump starting and service calls which save you time and money.

Dual Pro goes beyond what normal chargers do. Normally your average charger only charges your battery until it gets warm enough and your battery tells your charger that it's done. That is not the case for Dual Pro, they acknowledge this and also know that most batteries only get 80% of their full charge from ordinary chargers.

The DeltaVolt charge profile changes that. By giving you a full 100% charge, your batteries runtime will increasing by 10-15% per charge which will increase your overall battery life by 20-25%. Pay a little bit more now for your charger and save a lot more money with longer battery lives and having no more service calls.

Why choose Dual Pro?
  • It's the only 5 stage charger on the market
  • Recovers 100% DOD batteries to 100% charge
  • Charges to recommend specific gravity
  • LED charge status light with fault detection
  • Equipped with reverse polarity protection
  • Includes zero spark technology
  • Fully repairable charger

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