NeveRest Sport - 16:1 w/ Nub Output (am-3639)

NeveRest Sport - 16:1 w/ Nub Output (am-3639)

  • $ 1,896.00

Product Overview
Hey, FTC teams, this is for you!

NeveRest Sport planetary gearboxes are created with FIRST Tech Challenge teams in mind. Designed in collaboration with BaneBots, these gearboxes have a Nub-shaped output shaft, and all the mounting features are designed around common FTC hole spacing for maximum compatibility. The shaft and gears are robust, machined steel components designed to withstand many times more power than a NeveRest motor will supply. With seven ratios up to 256:1, you're sure to find a ratio that fits your application.

These gearboxes accept one NeveRest Motor (am-3104), sold separately. We include a packet of Red Tacky Grease (am-2768) with each NeveRest Sport gearbox; a pea-sized amount on each stage of reduction before running it will ensure smooth, trouble-free operation.

These gearboxes are more expensive and more robust than the small gearboxes usually mounted on the face of NeveRest gearmotors. The NeveRest Sport gearboxes are ideal for applications where more shock loading, dynamic loading, and torque is needed than what a standard NeveRest gearbox (or its mount) can handle.

Technical Specifications:
*Theoretical maximum value when paired with a NeveRest motor. Common Physical Specifications
  • Width: 1.5"
  • Height: 1.5"
  • Gear Material: Steel, with cold formed teeth and post-machined bores
  • Housing and Ring Gear Material: Aluminium
  • Orange Anodized For Superior Performance
Mounting Features
  • 6-32 tapped holes on two faces, on a 16mm hole spacing
  • 6-32 tapped holes on a 28mm bolt circle for face mounting, same as our NeveRest Orbital gearmotor.
Output Geometry
  • Nub shaped output shaft with 6-32 tapped holes on a 16mm bolt circle
  • 6mm hole and set screw for any length 6mm D shaft or 5mm hex shaft