8mm to 1/2" Hex Shaft Adapter (am-0588)

8mm to 1/2" Hex Shaft Adapter (am-0588)

  • $ 289.00

Product Overview:
0.500 inch hex shaft with 1/8 inch keyway and 0.313 (8mm), 2mm keyed bore. This allows you to adapt the output shaft of the CIM Motor (am-0255) to any of our hubs or wheels with a 1/2" hex bore. You'll need a 2mm machine key (am-1121) to complete the assembly and transmit torque from the CIM.

If you've got a high-speed application that doesn't need a gearbox between your CIM and the wheels, this is a very affordable option.

  • Material: AISI-1045 steel
  • Outside width: 0.497 - 0.499 " (across flats)
  • Length: 0.75"
  • Bore: 0.313" with 2mm (.08") keyway
  • Weight: 0.03 Lb

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