6" Plaction Wheel w/ Wedgetop Tread (am-0438)

6" Plaction Wheel w/ Wedgetop Tread (am-0438)

  • $ 499.00

Product Overview:
Molded polycarbonate, 6 inch diameter high traction wheel with Wedgetop tread

  • Diameter: 6 inches
  • Width: 1.00 inch
  • Width at Hub: 1.54 inches
  • Bore: 1.124 inch bore, 0.25 inches deep on either side
  • Bolt Pattern: 12 Holes around a 1.875" diameter circle, every other hole is sunken
  • Body Material: Black Polycarbonate
  • Load Capacity: 150 pounds (estimated)
  • Weight: 0.81 pounds
  • Tread Capture: 0.9 inch wide (clamps tread)
  • Tread Width: 1 inch
  • Tread Type: Wedgetop Conveyor Belting
  • Coefficient of Friction on HDPE: 0.423
Included Hardware: Usage:
There are two ways to drive this wheel. One way is with a Axle and Hub, and the other is with a Sprocket. To install a sprocket or hub onto a Plaction wheel, use 10-32 x 1.75" socket head screw (qty. 3 or 6), and 10-32 nylock nuts. To use one sprocket on each side of a Plaction wheel (2 sprockets total) use 10-32 x 2.5" screws (3 or 6) and 10-32 nylock nuts.

With Axle and Hub:
  • If you wish to drive this wheel with an Axle and Hub, you can pick your hub by fitting any of the AndyMark hubs (except the Small DD Globe Hub) to this wheel. Hubs are NOT included in the price of the wheel. If this is your choice, then no bearing is needed.
With Sprocket:
  • If you wish to drive this wheel with a sprocket, then the sprocket needs to be attached to the side of the wheel, and two ball bearings need to be pressed into the wheel (one on each side). The smallest sprocket that will work with these wheels is a S35-24 tooth and a S25-36 tooth sprocket.
With Bearing:
  • If your design needs this wheel to spin on a stationary axle (and possibly be driven by a sprocket), you will need 2 bearings with a 1.125" od pressed into this wheel. Use am-0029 for a 1/2" bore and am-0209 for a 3/8" bore. One bearing is pressed into each side of the wheel. Bearings are NOT included in the price of this wheel.
With Tread:
  • This wheel is designed to capture 1" wide conveyor belt tread (Roughtop or Wedgetop) between 2 wheel halves. The 6 perimeter screws can be loosened by 1/8 inch to install the desired tread. We recommend using Alligator Clips to hold the tread together on the wheel. One 6" Wheel Wedgetop Tread is included in the price of the wheel.
For a Wider Wheel:
This wheel is designed so that a 5" PVC schedule 40 pipe can be inserted between the two wheel halves, and a wider wheel can be created (additional tread may be needed).

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