3-wire PWM cable, 36" (am-0695)

3-wire PWM cable, 36" (am-0695)

  • $ 99.00

Product Overview:
This is a PWM cable, also known as a "servo extension cable". 22 gauge wire is used in these cables, and the body of the cable is jacketed with black heat shrink tubing. Notice that these are not 3-wire ribbon cables, like all other PWM cables. Universal servo connectors are on each end, with a female connector on one end and a male on the other.

Note: Product received may vary from image shown. Some cables may ship with a separate protective housing on the male end of the cable. If this housing interferes with your application it can be removed with a small screwdriver gently inserted between the connector and the housing.

  • Length: 36 inches
  • Wire colors: white, red, black
  • Wire jacketing: black heat shrink tubing
  • Weight: 0.046 pounds

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