• $ 370.00

Updated version of our popular Linear Motion Kit. This kit has been redesigned to be even easier for teams to use with REV 15mm Extrusion to create compact linear slides.

New additions to the kit include End Cap pieces to keep lift stages in place, and Pulley Bearing Covers to contain string. This kit can be configured in many different ways, but the most common allows for teams to build simple elevators and lifts for their robots.

When building light duty lifts, the kit has enough parts for a 3 stage lift. When building heavy duty lifts the kit has enough parts for 1 complete stage.


  • Material: Delrin Sliders
  • Hole Diameter: M3 Clearance


QTY 4 - Double-sided Sliders
QTY 4 - Slider Plates
QTY 4 - Bearing Covers
QTY 4 - Extrusion End Caps
QTY 8 - M3 x 8mm Low Profile Socket Screws
QTY 8 - M3 x 8mm Hex Cap Screws
QTY 8 - M3 Nyloc Nuts
QTY 8 - M3 Nuts


15mm Linear Motion V2 Guide

Note: To complete the full assembly in this guide, a few tools and additional materials are needed. Some quantities are dependent on the type of lift being built. Check individual sections (3.1 or 3.2) for more information.

To build a complete Three Stage Cascading Lift with this guide, you will need:

  • 2 packs of REV Linear Motion Kit v2
  • 4 pieces of REV Robotics 15mm Extrusion (In this example, 420mm lengths are used (REV-41-1432). Different lengths of REV Robotics 15mm Extrusion will work depending on application)
  • UHMWPE Cord (REV-41-1162) - Actual length required is dependent on length of extrusion
  • Surgical Tubing (REV-41-1163) - Actual length required is dependent on length of extrusion 
  • Small Pulley Bearings (REV-41-1368) - Max QTY 5
  • M3 x 12mm or longer hex cap bolts (REV-41-1360) - Max QTY 13
  • Core Hex Motor (REV-41-1300) or HD Hex Motor (REV-41-1301) – This example uses the Core Hex Motor
  • 5.5mm nut driver
  • 2mm Allen Key