Color Sensor

Color Sensor

  • $ 369.00

This Color Sensor also has a built-in IR (optical) and Proximity Sensor and white LED for active target lighting. Supports High Speed I2C Communication (400kHz) as well as auto increment register read which allows the user to return all the color register and status register data in one read command instead of 4 separate read commands.


  • Max Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Connectivity: I2C Communication
  • 7-bit I2C Device Address: 0x39
  • Supports Standard (100kHz) or High Speed (400kHz) I2C
  • Measures: Alpha, Red, Green, Blue, and Proximity
  • Auto Increment Read: Read All Color and Status Registers with One Call
  • Built-in IR Proximity Emitter and Detector - 5 -25cm Range
  • Use Up to Four Color Sensors per REV Robotics Expansion Hub without Additional Hardware Needed
  • M3 Mounting Hole


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