Relic Recovery℠ Full Field (am-3600_FL)

Relic Recovery℠ Full Field (am-3600_FL)

  • $ 14,082.03

Product Overview:
This page is your one stop shop for ordering variations of the FIRST Tech Challenge game field, FIRST RELIC RECOVERY℠.

Each quarter field contains the items listed below.

All half fields include one red and one blue quarter field, which include two mats (unless you order with No Mats).

All full fields include two red and two blue quarter fields and a total of two mats (unless you order with No Mats).

Assembly Notes:
All four Cryptoboxes and Balancing Stones are assembled identically.
Assembly directions (pdfs) are located on the Downloads tab and on the assembly instruction page.
Assembly videos are located here.
Field Setup Notes
The half field set can be arranged to replicate half of a field nearest an Alliance Station, with one Cryptobox and Balancing Stone of the opposing color.
Color sensing may be an important part of the game challenge. Therefore, teams using a half field will benefit from having these two field elements in different colors as readings can be verified while near both colors of field elements to ensure they stay consistent.
The field sets on this page DO NOT include these items:
2" wide blue, red, or 1" wide white gaffer tape
FTC Field Perimeter
Soft Tiles
Each quarter field set contains these items:
1 x Relic (am-3570)
6 x Gray Glyph (am-3573)
6 x Brown Glyph (am-3574)
1 x Red Jewel (am-3364R)
1 x Blue Jewel (am-3364B)
1 x Red Mat (am-3592R) or Blue Mat (am-3592B)
Half field sets include two mats, one red and one blue.
Full field sets also include two mats, as there are only two mats on the field.
If you order a "with No Mats" version of the field, you will not receive a mat.
1 x Jewel Holder (am-3593)
1 x Blue Cryptobox or Red Cryptobox
4 x Rail Extrusion Blue (am-3204B) or Rail Extrusion Red (am-3204R)
1 x Back Panel (am-3584)
16 x 1/8" Rivet (am-2854_rivet)
2 x Beam Clamp (am-3177)
2 x Cable Tie Bracket (am-3585)
2 x Cable Tie (am-1067)
2 x Lower Clip (am-3586)
1 x Blue Balancing Stones or Red Balancing Stones
1 x Stone Plate (am-3587)
1 x Stone Top Panel Blue (am-3588B) or Stone Top Panel Red (am-3588R)
2 x Upper Pylon (am-3589)
1 x Lower Pylon (am-3590)
1 x Disk (am-2835_disk)
4 x 10-32 x 2 in. Countersunk screw (am-1383)
4 x 10-32 Nylock Jam Nut (am-1063)
1 x Large 1/4" Washer (am-1421)
1 x 1.5" Standoff (am-3591)
1 x Elevator Bolt (anchor) (am-1384)
1 x 1/4-20 Nylock Nut (am-1015)
12 x Small 1/8" washer (am-1345)
12 x 1/8" Rivet (am-2835_rivet)

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